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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Botanical illustration in the Amazonas

Lorraine Kaminsky Martins has been organizing the Amazon trips for the Margaret Mee Foundation in Rio for 16 years and for Dulce Nascimento, who has a Botanical Illustration course on the Amazon for 9 years.
If you would like to join this year, details are attached (click the word 'attached' and a new window will open):
1. The Margaret Mee Foundation's 16th trip "Following in Margaret Mee's Footsteps"-
May 12 -18, 2007.
2. The Ninth Botanical Illustration Course in the Amazon by Dulce Nascimento, the
second artistic scholar of the Margaret Mee Foundation – May 19 - 25, 2007.
Many of you met Dulce Nascimento in Denver for a couple of years ago. Last year a group from GNSI (Guild of Natural Science Illustrators) participated in Margaret Mee Foundation's trip organized by Dulce, and an article about it is coming out in the February issue of GNSI Newsletter.

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Linda said...

I went on this trip in 2005 and had a marvelous time. Ask me about it if you have questions!