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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Join me to congratulate our ten new Graduates!

Our program has once again proven its strength. At the portfolio review yesterday, January 26th, ten of our students had successfully completed the requirements for the Certificate and each of them presented an outstanding portfolio.
We, the instructors, are very satisfied and proud of the level of competence you present in your work.

I hope that you continue participating in our program and wish you all the luck and success in the future.

(Please check the link January 2007 under “2007 Graduates” on the right column.)


Michael Campbell said...

I think it is fantastic that we can see who's graduating and samples of the work—great web site!

Anonymous said...

A BIG congratulations to all the new graduates. I am so sorry I wasn't able to be there to see your final pieces but it certainly is nice to get to review a few here on the blog. Am anxious to see them hanging in the student show this summer.
Great job everyone.

Marjorie Leggitt
BI instructor

Anonymous said...

Being new to the program, it's inspiring to see the work you've done! Congratulations to all!