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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy planning $

...There is something for everybody - we offer 60 classes under 46 different subjects between June and December.
The new course catalog is out for distribution. You can download and/or print the illustrated version of the catalog on the right hand column of this page under title BI Course catalog: Summer and Fall 2007 or by clicking here .
(My advise: Print out the catalog, then you have your paper version always handy.)
Registration starts May 14th for all classes in the catalog.
The catalog is also available under several links on the right hand column.
Those of you who are on our mailing list, but don't have email address will get a copy of the pdf-file shortly in the snail mail. Your art friend who might not have access to internet can get a paper copy by calling 720-865-3580.
1. Denver Botanic Gardens is mailing out paper copies only by request
(call registrar @720-865-3580).
2. The Bi-monthly Denver Botanic Gardens' Newsletter only posts a very limited number of BI-classes, basically only the ones without prerequisites.

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