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Friday, August 17, 2007

'Pink Ribbon' Waterlilly

A new plant (Nymphaea ‘Pink Ribbon’) has been introduced to the world and it is on display at Denver Botanic Gardens. The Gardens is one of only three locations worldwide that will be displaying and testing a new species of waterlily that has been developed for a great cause. It is part of an international project to raise money for fighting breast cancer.

Water Gardeners International (WGI) developed the species and gave it the name 'Pink Ribbon'. The plant’s color matches the shade of pink used on ribbons that support breast cancer awareness. One of these new species is proudly displayed in the Monet Horseshoe Pool at Denver Botanic Gardens. The remaining two plants are on display at the New York Botanic Garden and Wishing Well Ponds in Oklahoma City, OK.

Denver Botanic Gardens’ water gardens are recognized as one of the top water gardens in the world. Some of the other rare water plant species in the Gardens collection include “Rocky Mountain Legacy Collection” featuring the elegant pink N. ‘Denver’s Delight’ (Tomocik), French vanilla N. ‘Denver’ (Strawn) and salmon N. ‘Colorado’ (Strawn) at their best.

All three ‘Pink Ribbon’ plants have been auctioned off on-line, and have raised $1,500 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The buyer wanted each flower displayed at a major botanic garden. No other “Pink Ribbon” waterlilies will be available in 2007. This year, the ‘Pink Ribbon’ hybrid varietal will be evaluated in a test garden with the expectation that more significant quantities will be propagated in 2008 and sold. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer charities.

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Jessica said...

I love these, are they still avaliable to buy? Do you have a web site or a phone number?