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Friday, September 21, 2007

Now you see it - Now you don’t

The word iridescence is defined as the change in hue of the color of an object as the observer changes viewing position. Iridencent colors are not produced by pigmentation (like green in leaves due to the chlorophyll pigment or orange color in carrots because of the carotene pigment). Iridescent color is produced by the interference of light due to multiple reflections within the physical structure of a material. In the nature you can see iridescent color in butterfly wings, peacock feathers, hummingbirds etc. If you like to read more about the subject please visit natural photonics at The University of Exeter. UK. There are also several articles to download if you like to learn more.

Cleome in process (pastel) by Jessa Huebing-Reitinger

Iridescent colors are not totally uncommon in the plant world and we know how difficult the iridescent color is to illustrate with pigment.
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