It takes a gifted artist to become a great teacher and those who dare to teach never cease to learn.

Friday, October 26, 2007

“His lectures were the finest ever heard…”

(Church, A.H. Types of floral mechanisms, Oxford 1908)

… and his theories and flower studies were revolutionary.
He was ‘a self-sacrificing, devoted, kind-hearted teacher, and as one of the ablest and most original botanists of our time’ (Tansley, 1939).
While studying Maud Purdy’s illustrations I inevitably think about Arthur Harry Church (1865-1937).
Arthur Harry Church primary interest was in the evolutionary origin and was painstaking in his analysis of floral structure and phyllotaxis and taught botany at Oxford, U.K. for 35 years. His revolutionary drawings are considered some of the finest botanical illustrations of the twentieth century. His mastery of microtechnique resulted to clarity and razor-sharp edge to the many cross-sections and diagrams of flowers that he produced to accompany his elegant studies. The illustrations of Ferdinand Bauer influenced him a great deal.
Botanical Art and Illustration Program offers a weekend workshop (November 2-4, 2007) in the series of “Drawing on Tradition: Story of the Origin: Arthur Henry Church flower studies” .

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