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Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Midsummer – the Magic Feast of Light

(The midsummer night with the sun high on the sky)

At midsummer, the people in the Nordic countries celebrate the lightest time of the year and the proper start of summer season. Although an ancient feast, midsummer is still an important national festival in Finland, as well as in Sweden and Norway. Read more …
Please read about the midsummer decorations, magic traditions and food. We eat herring (seven different types at least) and new potatoes with dill, and summers' first strawberries ...People do drink a lot and not just water.

(If any of you like to get the starter bacteria culture for the Finnish curd milk, please let me know – I make viili regularly and eat it every morning for breakfast).

And remember your dreams could come true by sleeping on midsummer night with seven different flowers placed under your pillow…also remember that you need to be silent after the flowers are picked, otherwise the spell is broken.

Midsummer celebration in Sweden is very similar to that in Finland.

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