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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Native Flora

(Calochortus obispoensis, Photo: MHjK)
California is home to 5,862 plant species, subspecies, and varieties of native plants. This figure is comparable to the species in all the other states combined! Of the total California plant population 2,153 species are endemic - only found in California. (In California ca 1,050 species of non-native plants can be found - most of these were introduced during the immigrations of the 18th-20th centuries.)
California Native Plant Society will organize a Conservation Conference in Sacramento in January 2009. As a part of the Conference a juried Botanical Art Competition and exhibit will be arranged. Please see the details here, and note that the first price is $750. Many of the native plants in Colorado are also native in California, check out the native plants and rare plants. Please considere participating, entry form and instruction for the entry are here.

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