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Sunday, October 5, 2008

May They Always Flourish...

The 2008 BI-graduates' Year Book May They Always Flourish is available for purchase through Lulu. All proceeds go to the Botanical Illustration program.
Today the BI program celebrated all the 2008 graduates at the graduation ceremony in DBG. We are incredibly proud of you.
If you have not yet seen the Annual Student Show at Denver Botanic Gardens, please visit and enjoy!

2008 Graduates: Charlotte Bucher, Leaan Williams, Marlene Haviland, Julie Fletcher, Peggy Turchette, Cynthia Rothbard, Annie Reiser, Gai Swanson, Joan Sommerfeld (in front). Absent from the picture Barbara Flowers, Beth Lovold, John Maske, Stephanie Mokris, Julie Ann Terry and Eleanor von Bargen.


Anonymous said...

Mervi - Thank you for the hard work that went into putting on the graduation ceremony and creating the little book. My only criticism is that you set a precedent where each year the graduating students are going to expect their own little book. Also SHAME on those students who did not have the courtesy to show up ON TIME at their own graduation. - J Maske

Libby said...

I was unable to attend the fun and festivities for graduation, but want all our graduates to know how proud I am of each of you! So much hard work, talent and passion has gone into earning your certificates. You're a tribute to our program.
Many thanks to Mervi also for organizing such a fun event.
Best wishes,
Libby Kyer