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Saturday, January 10, 2009

May I introduce Bivi, the HerBivore…

For a number of years ago Botanical illustration program offered a class "Painting the Botanical Mural”. With Libby Kyer’s professional instruction the students learned how to make models, how to research for appropriate plants, how to simplify the botanical illustration for a mural and how to work on fiberglass. After hundreds of hours (13 students x 15 hours, plus over two weeks additional painting time) stegosaurus Bivi was ready to spend 6 months in the Children’s Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens. She was then moved to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO close to her ancestors.
At that time Bivi was not properly mounted to withstand the high winds at Dinosaur Ridge and she got badly damaged in one of Colorado’s ‘tropical’ storms. Once again Libby and her students worked on Bivi and repaired her after her 200 ft flight and jump over the museum building.

I met Bivi for a couple of days ago; she is now well anchored and with her 5 other Stegosaurus friends she welcomes the visitors to Dinosaur Ridge that is named Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.

Bivi has lost some of her beautiful paint during these six years, but she is still absolutely striking.
(Bivi was created as a joint project between Denver Botanic Gardens BI-Program, Dinosaur Ridge, and with a personal grant awarded to Libby Kyer.)
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