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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preservation: Artwork, Photos and Roses

(Dog rose by Peggy Turchette)

Take a moment to check out the BI - courses starting in May, the last ones before the spring semester 2009 is over (required classes, link; electives, link). In July the BI-program takes three weeks off and re-charges prior and for the fall semester. 
Registration for the Fall Semester courses (catalog, click here) starts on June 1st, 9 a.m.
Highlights for May-June 2009: 
1. In these days when conservation molding and framing is very expensive, come to learn how to preserve and display your treasures in an archival way on our 5 hour workshop which is open for everybody. This class is not only for artwork on paper but also for photos; for more information, click here. 
2. Join us to document the heritage roses at Fairmount Cemetery; this is already the third class in the series and will prepare material for a later publication; for more information about Fairmount, click here.
(One of the heritage roses at Fairmount Cemetery, Photo: M. Hjelmroos-Koski)

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