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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rocky Mountain Rock Alpine Plants –

Another publication from Denver Botanic Gardens is in process and should be out from the print latest early 2010.
Botanical Art and Illustration Program will illustrate many of the species included. The original illustrations will be seen in the El Pomar Gallery exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens July 10- July18, 2010. This exhibit is installed to honor the NARGS' National Symposium in Salinas, CO in July 2010.
Call for Entries, link
Plant list for exhibit and book illustrations, link

Please do not wait too long with your selection, however there are yet several left to be illustrated.
(NOTE: this is open for all individuals who have participated in the BI-program in 2007-2009)
Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society

( Acantholimon is among the plants to be illustrated. Note the beautiful, delicate calyx which is also left to protect the seedpod after petals have fallen out, photo: MHjK )

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