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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arthur Lakes: "If the men of business want a rest...

...go a-sketching"
Arthur Lakes (1844-1917) is said to be the father of the Geology in Colorado. As a young naturalist he discovered the first dinosaur bones and the first dinosaur tracks on the Dakota Hogback in Morrison, Colorado. Arthur Lakes was also an artist, writer, minister and a teacher. He worked at what is now the Colorado School of Mines and after retirement at the U.S. Geological Survey. Lakes was geologist, reverend, naturalist, professor, author, collector, mining expert, coal and oil expert and artist. Sketching, drawing and painting formed an essential foundation of Lakes’ life. He was sketching where ever he went. He published over 800 articles and most of his writing was very entertaining.
The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge have published a stimulating volume about Arthur Lakes, written and compiled by Katherine K. Honda and Beth Simmons. The volume is beautifully illustrated with Arthur Lakes’ sketches and some of his watercolors are also included. All Lakes written works are included on the accompanying CD-ROM.
For more information, please call Dinosaur Ridge at 303-697-3466 .

Fisher Peak, Trinidad, CO 1883 (oil 24"x60"). Arthur Lake painted this on the eve of his marriage. You can see the painting in Colorado School of Mines Library.

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