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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Botanical Art in Filoli

11th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition, June 23 through Sunday, August 16. (In the picture Anemone coronaria by Carol Till)

If you are in northern California, please stop by the legendary Fioli gardens in the southern end of Crystal Springs Lake, at Woodside, just 30 miles south of San Francisco.
The main House was designed by architect Polk and completed 1917. Bruce Porter helped the owners Mr. and Mrs. Bourn to create the extensive formal garden. In 1975 the present owner, Mrs. Roth donated 125 acres including the House and the formal garden to National Trust for Historic Preservation, the remaining 529 acres were given to Filoli Center.
Today Filoli with its 654 acres is recognized as one of the finest remining country estates of the early 20th century and can be enjoyed by the public. You can visit the Georgian country house, enjoy the 16-acre Renaissance garden, tour the heirloom orchards or take a 2.5 hour hike in the Filoli Nature Preserve. Filoli also offers an extensive educational program, including Botanical Art Certificate Program.

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