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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dahlias: A Challenge for an illustrator -

(Dahlia Mary's Jomanda- Wikipedia)

Dahlia originates in Mexico and was named after Anders Dahl, one of the C. Linnaeus apostles. Already the Aztecs cultivated dahlias in their gardens in the 1500’s. Some 30 wild dahlia species have been described and we have today more than 20’000 garden cultivars around. The intricate composite flower heads can vary from 1 to over 10 inches in diameter and the color of the ray flowers occur in all possible imaginable colors. Please see some cultivars by clicking here.
Please join the Dahlias and Zinnias illustration class starting next Tuesday (August 4, 1-4 p.m.). John Quade, a dahlia grower from Denver area will be one of your fellow students, he will also tell you about how to grow the plant and how to succeed with the ~400 varieties that he has in his yard. He will be supplying the class with at least 20 different types of dahlias.
For more information and to register please
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