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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


(Eritrichium howardii, Photo: M. Klintgen)
Now, finally even the BI-program has joined the Facebook (Please see the sign on the righthand column).
I decided to do that because photos can be easily uploaded without any need to make the huge digital files smaller. I uploaded quite few photos from the rock alpine garden to start with – these are from plants which are on the list to be illustrated for the NARGS 2010 art exhibit as well as for the planned publication. There are still some plants which do not have an illustrator, e.g. Pelargonium that will be in flower very soon. In order to see the photos, you need to sign in to Facebook, it is free for everybody, then you search for Botanical Illustration – you’ll find it immediately.
Facebook hopefully also helps you to connect and share with your BI-friends. Facebook is also easy and quick way to communicate, easier than start a dialog on the blog – I believe.

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