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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Focus on Linear and Atmospheric Perspective -

DBG's Landmarks and Landscapes meet Botanical Illustration ...
(© Karla Beatty, 2009)

Denver landscape architect Saco De Boer drafted the first plan for Denver Botanic Gardens on its new location on York Street already in 1952. In his plan 100 acres was designated for the Gardens. Landscape architect Garrett Eckbo created the master plan for the gardens 1959 (18 acres) and his firm, EDAW (office established in San Francisco, CA) gained distinction of designing out the world’s very first modernistic botanic garden The conservatory was designed by Victor Hornbein in 1964. It was the only conservatory in America that was made of concrete and Plexiglas.
At the Botanical illustration class: Landmarks and Landscapes you can learn much more about the architectural history of DBG. You will also learn the basic essentials of drawing and painting landscapes. The special emphasis will be on linear and atmospheric perspective.

More information and to register, please click here, link.

(© Karla Beatty, 2009)

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