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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oldest and most influential

( Paphiopedilum lowii, artist: Daniel Williams; The Orchid Review, vol. 117, No 1286:90)
The more than 100 yr old Orchid Review is published by the Royal Horticultural Society. It is the oldest and probably the most influential orchid magazine around. It is published quarterly and each volume includes an article about orchid art and exhibitions. You can browse the contents of the Orchid Review since the Number 1239 (March 2001) and 2-3 articles/issue can be red online. If you like to subscribe the Review (including the New Hybrid List), please see more detailed information here.
In the latest issue (No 1286) botanical artist
Daniel Williams shares his experiences from an orchid expedition to Borneo in 2004 (access the article here).

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