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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enrichment of Botanical illustration teaching

(Vera Evenson on the right and Marjorie Leggitt, instructor to the left; the ‘old’ classroom teaching tool is still available through Hageman und Partner).

The Botanical Illustration program incorporates, whenever possible and relevant, a demonstration by a specialist in relation to the topic/subject matter in the individual course curriculum. Whether it is a lecture in the classroom, demonstration of a special living collection at the gardens or a fieldtrip, this element in the teaching is hugely popular among the students (and instructors). Our goal is to provide the students more information about the topic, stimulate and enrich the students’ minds and finally merge the art with the science. It also gives the opportunity for the BI students to get into contact with professionals both within and outside the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Today Vera Evanson, the curator of the DBG's Fungi Herbarium, gave a lecture about macrofungi, the fleshy mushrooms. BI students of the Mushrooms with Pen and Ink class also visited the Herbarium of Fungi within the Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium.
More pictures from today's class in Facebook.

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