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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Native Beauty

Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia): Prairie Beauties - surrounded by authentic designs of Plains Tribes (by Heidi Snyder).
Clockwise starting in the upper right-hand corner (The circle): Southern Cheyenne, then Blackfeet, then Mesquakie, bottom center Ojibwe, still Mesquakie ( they were on the Eastern most fringes of the Plains...western Iowa, Northern Missouri), circle Cheyenne again, then Crow, top center Lakota and Crow. The zigzag line next to my initials indicates that Heidi is on the path of learning -

If you are close by Aberdeen, SD, please visit the ‘must see’ exhibit in the Lamont Gallery at Dacotah Prairie Museum:
Two Visions – Naatsi’ Aakii’ - Celebrating Native Beauty
Heidi Snyder and Carol Johnson Diaz are showing Native American themes until September 28.
(Heidi is with the Botanical Illustration Program and is exhibiting some 40 works in this show!)


Sally Fraser said...

I really like this combination of border design to tie in with the native flowers,Sally Fraser

Sally Fraser said...

I joined ASBA last year. Like botanicals with a twist..