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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Estes Park today and tomorrow

This weekend (September 19 - 20, 2009) the public will have the opportunity to visit seven unique art studios featuring eight artists from the greater Estes Valley in the fourth annual open studio tour slated in and around Estes Park, Colorado.
The 2009 tour features the following eight artists:
Deedee Hampton Studio (Estes Park), Oil and Mixed Media Collage; Karen Dick Studio (Estes Park), Ceramics; John Lynch Woodworking Studio (3.5 miles south of Estes Park), Woodworking; Patricia Henriksen Greenberg Studio (Estes Park), Pencil; Cecy Turner Studio (Estes Park), Oil along with the work of Cydney Springer (Estes Park), Oil; Greig Steiner Studio (Estes Park), Oil and Mixed Media; Leah Simmons DeCapio Studio (9 miles north of Estes Park in Glen Haven), Pottery.

Patricia Greenberg belongs to the Botanical Illustration community and is an active participant in our classes. Her studio is on 415 Fall River Lane. (The image: Yucca rostrata by Patricia Greenberg, published 2008 in Flourish, A visionary Gardens in the West)

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