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Monday, November 30, 2009

Greetings from San Miguel and El Charco - Karla's travel log

After the first day of classes, Monday November 30th:

Today's first class went really well. Eleven students, with the classroom arranged in a circle so we all can face each other.
The gardens at El Charco del Ingenio are a unique, high-desert environment. With a canyon, an old dammed reservoir, and the ruins of an old watermill, there is much to look at and enjoy in addition to the desert flora and fauna. Cacti and succulents are common here. And there are still wildflowers in blossom on the grounds and in the neighboring areas. There is a special place honoring the Dalai Lama's visit, during which he declared the Jardin Botanica El Charco a place of peace. And it is true that the "feel" of the grounds is peaceful and calm.
For tomorrow's class, I scoured the vegetable marketplace and bought local stock from a tiny, wrinkled old Mexican woman. I have tamarindos, tomatillos, and jalapenos for my class to have some fun with tomorrow. Pencils ready....more drawing ahead.

Saturday Night, November 28th after being in San Miguel for 6-8 hours:

We're here and it is so beautiful! We just came back from getting some dinner and walking around the area. Every street we walk down is fantastic, colorful old buildings, wooden doorways opening into intriguing courtyards, plants lining the tops of many of the buildings, and art work in unexpected places. It is a warm night, like summer, there are mariachi bands everywhere. There's a craft market around the jardin and many people out walking and enjoying the night. Posada Corazon is incredible. I could just spend all my time in their gardens and never leave the place. They are setting up for breakfast tonight and I look forward to tasting their food. I'll take your recommendations, but I might have to print it out so that I remember to ask for the latin names of the breakfast plants! So far I have met only one cat, big and friendly.

We'll be going up to Charco tomorrow morning to set up the classroom and collect some specimens for our classes to draw. At some point I plan to hike some of the trails there. Both Marj and I are planning to do sketching and painting while we're here in San Miguel. There are inspiring subjects every way you look.

(Please see the BI-Facebook pictures from San Miguel de Allende by clicking here, Posada Corazon by clicking here and El Charco photos by clicking here, pictures were taken in September 2009).

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