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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Botanical Illustration in El Charco - Next time in March 2010

Today was the last class for this session, and students seem so sad to have it end. They repeatedly ask "when are you coming back?" and "I hope I can take the next class." We have some eager new interest in botanical art! For me, it's hard to believe that this week is over. It went so fast.

This city, San Miguel de Allende, thrives as an artist's colony. There are many galleries, two full art schools, and now our botanical illustration classes. And every where you look there is art or sculpture, even along the streets. Most people walk here in San Miguel, in spite of the cobblestones and steep hills. There are always people about and it seems so safe to walk just about anywhere. And one thing that you notice immediately is that the streets are very clean all over. Today, in one day, I saw a woman take her broom into the middle of the street to sweep a couple of pieces of paper, a man sweeping up fallen leaves on a sidewalk, a shop owner pick up some small pieces of paper in the road in front of his store, and a man scrubbing the bricks on the corner of a building. Even in the festival plazas and open markets everything is neat and clean.
Our pioneers, Karla and Marjorie are back in Colorado today. Our program in El Charco del Ingenio in San Miguel de Allende continues in 2010 and the next set of classes is held in March. If you click the image here on the left you’ll be directed to our El Charco course program. Please note that one of the classes are Denver Botanic Gardens’ BI offerings with registration through DBG. Our registrations start Monday, December 5th – please remember, that before the online registration you'll need to create a new account (instructions for that can be found following the link on the right hand column under OF NOTE or by clicking here.)

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