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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

..Greetings from Marjorie in San Miguel de Allende:

Tuesday morning while Karla is teaching:
It's hard not to like this place - eventhough it's considered "winter" and everyone is walking around bundled up in multiple layers, I am still wearing my skort and sandals - no one can understand how it is that I am not cold when it's 70 degrees!
I took a bunch of photos for Susan to show her all the cacti - she will not be at a lose!
My class went well yesterday - most of these women are painters and are really loving the drawing component of these first 2 classes. Perspective seems a little foreign to them but I feel that by the end of the day today they'll catch on. Indeed, these students are different from the students we have at DBG.

I've run now for 2 days and have seen some incredible sites - each little street takes you to a new surprize. Today I discovered a spectacular institute who's history goes back to 1760.
As Karla said in the blog, the doors, private gardens, and street vendors are so wonderful. But what I am also taking notice of is the extreme cleanliness of this town - everyone takes such pride in whatever they are doing and there is always someone sweep or scrubbing. In fact, in the park this morning, eventhough the men were on evey walkway brushing the fallen leaves into piles, they are there again today - sweeping up all the newly fallen leaves.
Also, the sounds of the town are beautiful - very harmonious with what else is around. Each morning the roosters crow ( a sound I haven't heard for years!!) starting around 6am if not earlier. The swish of the natural twig or homemade palm brooms. Drivers are very polite and I have yet to hear a horn honk. It is a town of calm and peace.
Everyone is friendly and helpful AND honest. Very refreshing.

Best, Marj
(Please, see the photos in BI-Facebook)

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