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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is almost over - but we'll return in 2010!

Thursday, December 3rd from Marjorie in San Miguel, Guanajuato, Mexico: Our time in San Miguel is nearly over - at least for now. We've had a great group of eager students who have shared their stories of living in San Miguel with us. We've learned of the influx of Americans as a result of the GI bill after World War II, the building of a vibrant and diverse art community; the meaning of the chalk "grafitti" on each and every door; of the locations of the art store, post office, and Bellas Artes; of the best places to run; of why to have exact change for the taxi drivers; of how, as in Italy, stores and restaurants are there one day and not the next (actually it's just that they "disappear" behind closed gates and doors!" It's been quite an experience and one that I'm anxious to return to.

The community is so relaxed eventhough the traffic can be grid-locked for an entire block! How is that possible? You'll just have to come see for yourself.

Karla and I have discovered some excellent little restaurants - in fact, we like one so much we've been there twice. I'm still trying to locate her favorite coffee spot - that's my challenge after class today.
I've looked and looked; it must be one of those "disappearing" locals. I've also found a nearby "Lavenderia" so that Susan will have a place to wash her clothes during her 2 week adventure.
Tomorrow we hope to get to the Aurora galleries. Fridays are open studio night. If not, we've seen alot of the local artwork - some good, some incredible and some "so-so".
I guess now we have to start thinking about what to wear on the plane home.
It's 65 degrees here and Denver's 18 degrees isn't sounding so comfortable. I think I could get pretty used to this weather!

Hasta luego a San Miguel de Allende.

(Photos in this entry by Marjorie Leggitt)

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