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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Final Moments with some sketches by Karla Beatty

It's our last morning in San Miguel. Marj and I are up early and go for a brisk walk around the area. I see for the first time a beautiful park and a steep widing stairway that Marj had discovered during her long morning runs. We take some more photographs and try to fix some final impressions in our minds to sustain us until we can return. At the B and B we have a last luscious breakfast and I give a few final pats and hugs to the kitties and doggies. It's hard to leave San Miguel because of all our fond memories, it's hard to return to Denver only because of the frigid weather ahead. The flights are smooth, customs is easy, but as the plane taxis in I see the tarmac is very shiny, as if it is wet. Then I realize that it is full of icy patches and that's when it sinks in that I am back into Colorado climate. I'll miss the warmth and gentle rains of San Miguel. I'll miss the colorful colonial buildings and elaborate cathedrals. I'll miss the stone buildings, cobblestone streets and ornate wooden doorways leading into intriguing courtyards. But I'll keeo my wonderful memories, visions, photos, and sketches. I can relax now, knowing I will definitely return for more of the San Miguel/El Charco serenity and magic. ~ Karla ~

(This Karla's note concludes the letters from San Miguel and El Charco del Ingenio for this time - All the sketches in this entry are by Karla Beatty)

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