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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mrs Delany and Flora Delanica

(Aesculus hippocastanum by Mrs. Delany)
Mrs. Mary Delany was born in 1700 in Wiltshire, Coulston; shortly there after she moved with her parents to London. Already at the age of eight Mary was known of little birds and flowers skillfully cut from paper. Between the ages of 72 and 82 Mary Delany made 1000 beautiful pictures from tiny pieces of paper, ‘Flora Delanica’.
Currently Mrs. Delay’s life, world and works are explored in the
Yale Center for British Art in the exhibit Mrs. Delany and her Circle (until January 3rd, 2010). The exhibit is accompanied by a extended exhibit catalogue with the same name as the exhibit. There is also another biographical publication Mrs. Delany and her life and her flowers by Ruth Hayden which can be warmly recommended.

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