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Friday, December 4, 2009

Thai Chi in Posada

From Karla on Friday morning, before the last day of classes:
(Posada Corazon's peaceful gardens in September '09)
This morning I put on a warm sweater and went out into the beautiful garden in the back courtyard of the Posada Corazon. I found a quiet, peaceful spot and began my morning T'ai Chi routine. Well, my new buddies, the backyard watchdogs, began wrestling all around my legs, trying to get my attention. It was a little hard to focus and I thought I would not find the calm that I needed. But then as made my first turn back, I saw a little tiny land snail on the top back of a garden bench. As I did my T'ai Chi and turned in that direction I was able to watch that snail SLOWLY make its progress down the back of the bench. It was slow, it was calm, it was peaceful. Just what I needed to focus!
My practice over, I climbed the stairs back towards my room. And when I looked up there was a full morning moon in the sky. It was a great way to start the day. Later on we saw a hummingbird hovering and the black cat came to visit in the room. There's always something lovely happening here.

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