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Friday, January 15, 2010

Learn to do the Coptic Binding -

(Hand-made journal with Coptic binding)
One-day workshop on Saturday, January 30th will introduce one of the earliest known, multi-sectioned, unsupported sewn structures for bookbinding. Coptic binding was developed in the4th century A.D. in Egypt. The chain stitch used to attach signatures to each other had its roots in carpet weaving. Contemporary bookbinders often refer to any non-adhesive bookbinding in which unsupported stitching across the signatures is laced directly into the covers as a "Coptic Binding". The spine of a Coptic book is particularly attractive and you can open the book to a full 360 degrees or lay it completely flat without risk of damage to the spine.
On this class, instructed by Annie Reiser, you can make either a travel/field journal or a special journal tailored for our color mixing class. We do it with four needle Coptic sewn and for the paper we use Arches 90 lbs. hot press watercolor paper.
To register for the class, please call 720-865-3580 or register on-line.
The National Guild of Bookworkers gives you more information about the book arts; in Colorado we have The American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride.

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