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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Imaginative Realism

James Gurney's latest publication: Imaginative Realism - How to paint What Doesn't Exists came out already for months ago and this blog entry is unfortunately very much overdue. Those of you who attended his lecture and workshop at the Denver Botanic gardens in March 2009 might already have it - this is a groundbreaking volume about imaginative picture making, very useful information for illustrators which is so hard to find in any guide books. The majority of the background material for this book comes from James Gurney's lectures and his art blog, a great deal is completely new and has never been published before. This book got the 2009 PT PIX Best Book Award. If you like to purchase a signed copy and cannot attend any of his book signing events in the future, you can download a order form and mail it to the Dinotopia Store.
Related to this and models for art, Denver Botanic Gardens' Botanical Art and Illustration Programs have included a 2-day Botanical Models Workshop in the elective curriculum (more information...)

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James Gurney said...

Thanks for mentioning the book, Mervi. I wish I could take that botanical models class!