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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Botanical Portraits with Colored Pencils by Ann Swan

(A spread from the Botanical Portraits by Ann Swan)

Ann Swan had the very first copy of this beautiful volume in the Classroom C today. The publication offers practical and step-by-step instruction for creating professional quality colored pencil illustrations of botanical subjects. Ann Swan demonstrates the use of both water-soluble and oil-based colored pencils, and presents progressive illustrations that demonstrate the rendering of an artwork from start to completion. All aspects of working with colored pencils what you can think about are covered.
In the book is also a gallery of works by other botanical artists to show students a wide range of styles, among these 15 artists Libby Kyer and Susan Rubin, two of our excellent core instructors from DBG, are included.

You can order this book from Amazon (to be released in the U.K in April and U.S.A. somewhat later). On the left is the cover of the US-edition and the UK edition is on the right.

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