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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Marion Mahony Griffin - a pioneer

(Scene from DBG' conservatory rendered by Karla Beatty in the style of Marion Mahony Griffin, please click on the image to enlarge)

Marion Mahony Griffin (1871-1961) was the first employee hired by Frank LLoyd Wright and the first woman in Illinois and most probably also globally to be officially licensed as an architect. She was claimed as the most talented member of Frank Lloyd Wright's staff and most of the architectural presentation drawings and water colors that helped Wright promote his practice were drawn and painted by Marion Mahony. After working in Chicago with Wright for ten years she moved to Australia where she lived for 20 years. Mohony designed e.g., the Newman College in Melbourne and the Capitol House, she designed the library building for Lucknow University, India. Before returning to Chicago she designed Canberra, ATC, the capital city of Australia.
Mahony perfected the Japanese style often used to depict Wright's buildings. She was strongly influenced by the sparse detail, continuous line and skewed perspective seen in Japanese prints.

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[J.G. Nelson Dwelling, mason City, Iowa by Marion Griffin: Ink on drafting linen (1912) - from Drawing the Form of Nature, Exhibit catalog, 2005]

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