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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finishing touches

(The miniature studies after some finishing touches including framing of the subject)

(This was from the review of the homework in the beginning of the class)

One of my huge work benefits is that I get to hang around in the classroom outside my teaching duties, meet the students and get the pleasure to see all the fantastic art they are producing. Last night was the final session of the Colored Pencil I class. Even though it was late and the students were in the classroom learning about the secrets of Colored Pencil after they ordinary work day, I could feel the energy and the camaraderie radiating all over. I took some random photos of the homework (studies of textures, surfaces and forms) both in the beginning of the class and after some additional final touches.
The students attending were Barbara Fairbanks, Barbara McKee, Cameron Garland, Gloria Cavalier, Kristi Czajkovski, Marj Hopkins, Mary Love, Sandy Low, Sharon Eaton. Annie Reiser was their instructor - congratulations Annie, your students were great!).


Anonymous said...

Those are great! I think I'll try to go draw some garlic now....

Marj aka Thriver said...

Thanks for showing off our work, Mervi! We like it when you come and visit the classroom, too! :)
~Marj Hopkins