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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Jackson's Mushrooms

Mr. Jackson (1877-1961) referred himself as a simple field-naturalist, yet he was a competent, professional artist whose renderings of fungi were appreciated by many mycologists and fellow artists. The forty-two plates which are included in this volume and reproduced in the actual size reveal Jackson's extraordinary eye for detail and the total command of technique.
He started to keep notebook 1927 and selected entries dealing with technical questions regarding the renderings and mycology from the year 1931-1954 are included in Mr Jackson's Notebooks. Entries dealing with environmental concerns are also included.
This captivating treasure was published 1979 by National Gallery of Canada and National Museums of Canada as a companion publication for an exhibit in the National Gallery in the late 1970's.

(The book is out-of print but you might be lucky to find a copy in some used bookstores.)
(The back cover of Mr. Jackson's Mushrooms showing Henry Jackson at his drafting table)

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