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Friday, June 11, 2010

Response To Nature - Botanical Watercolors by P. A. Kessler

Botanical watercolors created between 1972 and 2010 by Pam A. Kessler. Dynamically designed and highly detailed paintings of mainly orchids but also other plants such as primroses and irises, beats and the absolutely stunning Gary’s Onion. The 144 pages contains also likewise minutely detailed and well executed illustrations of bird's nests, feathers and insects - all originally painted with transparent watercolors on either Twinrocker 100% rag, hot press art weight paper or Lanaquarelle's 100 % rag, hot press 300 pound paper. This book is a treasure and highly recommended for every aficionado of Botanical Illustration.

This publication is a limited edition of 1000. All copies are numbered and hand signed. The book is bound in linen and printed on beautiful heavyweight, silken paper from Finland. The reproduction is absolutely amazing. Published by Lydia Inglett, Ltd (
You can see more images from the book by clicking here (pdf).

(NOTE for Denver Botanic Gardens' BI-students: The book will be available for sale in Classroom C next week.)

As an artist, you follow a disciplined and meticulous examination of a plant prior to drawing or painting; for you cannot sacrifice accurate botanical information for aesthetic reasons. You must cross the border between science and art, embracing the freedom of one without discarding the discipline of the other.
You must have a passion for flowers, love what you are drawing and painting, and know the flower in all the stages of development. Hopefully with the composition, use of color, and skill in the handling of paint, you will give the viewer a painting that is admired for its fidelity to the subject, but also for its beauty

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