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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ferdinand Bauer's and Thaddäus Haenke's Color Code

(Systema Colorum tabulare atque comparativum pro expeditione in itinere cum hispanis navibus circa Globum Terraqueum annis 1789-1793, photo MHjK. Please click the image to enlarge)

As a very special treat I was able to view the original Ferdinand Bauer and Thaddäus Haenke color codes from the late 1700s while visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens (CSIC) of Madrid in the beginning of July this year.

It is still unknown how the Bohemian born Haenke purchased Ferdinand Bauer’s color chart (140 different colors) – Haenke developed it further and included it in his Systema Colorum, in which Haenke tried to establish a system of colors for the use of painters and designers working on scientific illustration. The system was reviewed in detail by H.W. Lack and V. Ibanez and published in the Curtis’s Botanical magazine in 1997. Please see some additional images in the BI-Facebook.

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