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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Learning a new language is always worth the trouble...

(A bell tower in San Miguel, sketch by Karla Beatty)

...From San Miguel (Tuesday, July 27th) by Karla:

In San Miguel, I love walking. People watching (as well as sketching) is always my favorite activity. Today the sun came out and shined upon all; it seemed to bring out everyone's smile as well. "Buenos dias," I greeted person after person I passed on the street. Church bells were ringing, some fragrant flowers were in bloom everywhere, and with the sun, once again, the vibrant yellows, golds, oranges, and reds of San Miguel were a feast for the eyes.
I sat upon a park bench, sketching in some of the bell towers that are everywhere looming over the town. An old woman with a young boy in her care joined me on the bench. She pulled out a wrapper with tortillas and offered some to me. Reluctantly I turned her down, muchos gracias (I still need to be careful of my poor intestines this early in the trip). The old woman and the boy shared the tortillas and a few vegetable snacks from her bag of goodies.
Later, I walked up the steep hill towards El Charco. A family picked its way over the cobblestones down the edge of the road, so I stepped aside to let them pass. First the children airily skipped along as nimble as young goats. Then the father tall, on his shoulders a tiny girl in a knitted pink and white sweater. "Que bonita," I called to the Mama next in line, indicating the little girl. I was rewarded for my effort to speak in my Espanol estupido with a great big smile from the mother as she passed. Small interactions like these are worth the trouble of learning a new language and make travels such a pleasure.
(Churro seller in San Miguel, Photo: K. Beatty)

Both BI classes have started (Monday, July 26th) by Karla:

Judy and Joan (ed note: Judy Brown Santambrogio and Joan Pierce from Denver) have arrived and have described a lovely condo that they have rented for the week. It's still been rainy but we had a little luck and the sun popped out during our tour of El Charco with Mario the Director.
It seems like watercolors-mania up in the classroom between Connie's morning class and my afternoon class. We keep ducking the showers, but no one really seems to mind the rain and sprinkles.
Connie and I keep exploring and every time I still find new things, like the large murals and the beautiful courtyard of the old Art Institute. Every turn takes us down a new and unusual street. The rain has made all the little fountains flow in the nooks inset in the walls along the streets. Buenos dias, Buenos tardes, rolls off the lips of most every of the older characters I meet as I walk the cobblestoned streets of San Miguel. It's still very colorful, just a little damp here!
Please see Karla's photos in the BI-Facebook

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