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Monday, July 26, 2010

San Miguel in July - BI classes in El Charco and horses on stilts in Jardin... ...

(Part of the Cathedral - Parroquia as sketched by Karla Beatty in December 2009)

Ah, San Miguel...there is always something new and interesting happening here.
Connie and I arrived just in time for the opening of some of the Bicentennial events. Our first night here and prancing through the square around the Jardin came a long line of ten-foot tall puppets, followed by actors on horseback dressed up as Pere Hidalgo and Allende, followed by a very serious marching band, and all that followed by many TALL characters on stilt, including a horse and a donkey! It was quite a parade. Connie's class started the next morning, Full, with so many eager students. They are all so appreciative of our classes and full of praise for all the teachers who have come down to San Miguel to teach. Our second night here and we were just in time for an unusual light show that was projected on the multi-turreted, ornate Parroquia building. Flashing lights, so many colors, and even a projected reenactment of the first uprising with Hidalgo and Allende. It was quite a scene. The Jardin and square were JAMMED with people. And at the very moment that the light show ended, the skies let loose with a tremendous rain storm. You never saw so many people exiting from such small streets so quickly! So... unfortunately, it is the rainy season here, and we have yet to see any sunshine. But we don't let the rain stop us and we go out, get wet, and still come back home happy.

Karla & Connie

(Karla and Connie are staying at Posada Corazon at Aldama Street, sketch by Karla Beatty, 2009)