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Monday, August 2, 2010

Landscapes at El Charco encompass sweeping panaromic views...

(© Alifi Rojas, a student on Karla's class. Please click the image to enlarge.)
Karla Beatty, the instructor says about the recently completed Botanical Landscapes class in El Charco:
Landscapes at El Charco encompass sweeping panaromic views, rock walls, lake, and fascinating native plants such as large cactus and agave. Many students chose to paint the canyon in the backgrounds of their botanical subjects. There are many different styles of painting landscapes and many students tried out painting both loose and in tighter botanical style. We were so lucky to have fabulous sunny weather on the last two days when we were able to do much of our outdoor painting.
Please see more examples of the student work in the BI-Facebook.

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