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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wings of Beauty -

The British Wildlife Publishing recently published The Butterflies of Britain & Ireland which with its more than 900 absolutely exquisite illustrations is a treasure not only for the serious butterfly-watcher in Europe but also a technical resource for wildlife artists and botanical illustrators worldwide. Many of the butterflies are illustrated on their host plants and the plant illustrations are magnificent. It is a piece of art.
Richard Lewington is considered Europe's leading butterfly artist and is one of Europe's finest wildlife illustrators. He generally uses gouache in his illustrations and is specialized in addition to butterflies also in moths and dragonflies.
The text is captivating, informative and clearly written by one of Europe's most accomplished butterfly experts, professor Jeremy Thomas.
The book is published by British Wildlife Publishing and every copy sold gives a donation for the Butterfly Conservation.

(Long-tailed Blue - Lampides boeticus by Richard Lewington, p. 108 in Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by J. Thomas & R. Lewington)

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