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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arthur Lakes

In our series of Drawing on Tradition we very recently offered a 3-day field sketching class studying the method of Arthur Lakes (1844-1917), the father of Geology in Colorado. The class was set off by a presentation of the Dinosaur Ridge Museum in Morrison and a presentation of Arthur Lakes' life and legacy by the biographer Elizabeth Simmons. This workshop was instructed by Marjorie Leggitt. 
Our goal within our Botanical Illustration program is to enrich the students, when ever possible, with the historical alt. practical application in addition to the technical and artistic teaching element. 
Read more about Arthur Lakes in a earlier blog-entry by clicking here. You can also see few more sketches from this class in the BI-Facebook.
(Sketch in this entry by Erica Walker)
If the men of business want a rest, go a-sketching (Arthur Lakes)

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