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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plants and Places by Angie Lewin

I focus on insignificant plants that are often considered to be weeds. Their structure is as interesting as that of exotic specimens in a botanic gardens. ...My inspiration has and always will come from the seemingly infinite variety of plants and an intimate knowledge of how they grow together. (Angie Lewin)

The artist Angie Lewin is renowned for her distinctive vision of the natural world. In her recently published work Plants and Places her over 80 hugely popular prints , together with collages, textile designs, drawings and paintings from her sketchbooks are brought together for the very first time.Angie Lewis mostly works in lithography, wood engraving and screenpainting. She discusses her artistic inspirations and describes how she creates her exquisite work in this unique book. Even though this book is not about traditional botanical illustration I can warmly recommend it for all botanical art and illustration enthusiasts. The book is published by Merell Publishers Limited.
You can also follow Angie Lewin in her work watching a video here.

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