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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Botanical Illustration Certificate as Distance Learning!

In addition to our traditional on-site Botanical Illustration curriculum the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate Program at Denver Botanic Gardens now offers an on-site/off-site program which combines classroom participation with remote online learning opportunities. The students accepted into this distance learning program must reside more than 150 miles away from Denver Botanic Gardens. The work for five of the required 13 courses is completed entirely in the classroom.  The remaining courses consist of a two day concentrated classroom instruction followed by three weekly Internet sessions. The successful completion of a final artwork (plate) within one month (30 days) after the conclusion of the on-site session is the culmination of each of the distance learning courses.
For more information and to download the distance learning program for spring 2011 please click here or the image above (or on the right hand column). Online registration for classes (look for distance learning - Pencil II, etc).
(Anacardium occidentale by Kaye Hurtt)

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