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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colorado Gives Day - December 8th

(Datura wrightii - Sacred datura by Magaret Sjoden)

Colorado Gives Day is an inaugural program of the Community First Foundation, which is an organization devoted to raising money for non-profit groups and institutions. The foundation is partnering in the effort with FirstBank which with the Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund provides matching funds for the individual donations made on December 8th.
Denver Botanic Gardens as a non-profit organization is participating in Colorado Gives Day. You can get some more detailed information about this 24-hour collaborative effort by clicking here (9News article). Make your day better and give a gift to Denver Botanic Gardens - by clicking here you can safely donate online and you can designate your donation to the program of your preference (e.g., Children's Garden, Botanical illustration designated fund, BI-scholarship fund, BI endowment etc.). Every donation makes a difference!

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