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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bookbinding within the Botanical Illustration Program

(Journals produced on our 2011 Coptic book binding class instructed by Annie Reiser)
Every year the Botanical Illustration Program offers a workshop in Coptic bookbinding. That binding method is very convenient for sketchbooks and journaling as it lays flat and opens 180 degrees. Lately we have introduced the same binding method for a journal documenting the 1800 color mixing swatches we produce in the Color Mixing for Artists class.
This year we are also offering two Spring Back Ledger Binding courses. One 5-week session just ended with beautiful results. We have another 5-week session coming up in June.  That class is limited for 10 students. The Spring Back bookbinding classes are instructed by Cameron Garland, a botanical illustrator and Denver area bookbinder with  remarkable experience on historical bindings. In April Shawn Sheeny will visit us from Chicago and teach a 2-day workshop in pop-up books focusing in flowers.
More photos from the completed bookbinding classes can be viewed  in the BI-Facebook.
(Spring Back Ledger Bookbinding class - Lynn Lee and Diana Neff are absent from the group photo)

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