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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dutch Flower Painting of the 17th century

(Dirck de Bray, 1635-1694 - Private Collection)

Dutch flowers are an iconic image of Holland that also inspired many artists of the 17th century. Now an everyday item, cut flowers were prized luxuries at that time. Only the most affluent could afford to have them in their homes and gardens. As a result, the first flower still life paintings appeared in Holland in the 1630s and 1640s as a means of meeting the demand for flowers. After all, a painting of a flower was much less expensive then than an actual bouquet and lasted longer.
In our series Drawing on Tradition the very popular course of Dutch Flower Painters of the 17th Century (in colored pencil) has just had its final session for this season, please check out the photos from the last session. (Instructor was Susan Rubin)
– Happy Easter! 
(© Sharon Eaton)

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Carol Jane said...

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