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Friday, May 13, 2011

Denver Botanic Gardens' Botanical Illustration Summer and Fall 2011 schedule is out!

(© Marjorie Leggitt)
We will be teaching in the Hibiscus classroom over 950 hours during the period from July to Thanksgiving, which means that there will certainly be something offered for everyone. Please take a moment to browse through the 65 different courses, the registration starts June 6th (both online, in person and per phone and fax). You can view, print or download the program by clicking here or clicking the catalog icon on the right hand column of this page.
[If you like to download the document into your computer or print it, click the download button on the right hand column of the Scribd page (under the file title and above the "Info and Rating") - you'll choose the option "Already have a Scribd account?" - click that and use the username: biprogram and password: student.]
(Eustoma grandiflora by Constance Sayas)

We have three exciting guest workshops during this season:
Pastels with Susan Fisher. – Susan was our program coordinator in 2000-2005 and now directing the Art Institute at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We are excited to get her back as guest instructor for this pastel workshop in July. This is one of the first pastel workshops in our curriculum ever –
Painting Peony and Lotus the Chinese Way with Sally Yu Leung. Since 2008 we have had the honor to host Sally Yu Leung’s workshops in Denver and include the Chinese brush painting in our curriculum. Her classes typically sells out very fast as this method is only taught once a year in our program.
Look, Paint and Enjoy with Charlotte Knox. This is a really unique and exiting opportunity: Charlotte specializes in watercolor and tempera paintings of foods, plants, and landscapes from around the world, with an emphasis on strong colors and striking, simple design. As far as possible she paints food and plant specimens from life and depicts them actual size.
This time we do offer also 32 other elective courses in addition to the required core classes (30 offerings divided in between the 13 courses which are required for the Botanical Illustration Certificate).
Enjoy the catalog! Registration for the classes starts on July 6. 

(Our distance learning program for the fall season  will be published soon.)
(© Charlotte Knox)

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