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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dugald Stermer - always working toward Grace

(© Dugald Stermer)

In our series Drawing on Tradition we recently studied the working style and application techniques of the contemporary illustrator Dugald Stermer. He has created a vast collection of drawings, book illustrations and editorial work that combine expressive drawings with descriptive calligraphy.
Dugald Sterner earned American Institute of Graphic Arts AIGA 2011 Fellow Award. This award recognizes designers who have made a significant contribution to their community by raising the standards of excellence in practice and conduct. AIGA was founded in 1914.   
Please read more about Dugals Stermer here, or browse through his illustrations on different subjects by clicking here.
Examples from our course work can be viewed by clicking here. The instructor for this course was Renee Jorgensen. 

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