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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paper Grounds with Velvet Surfaces - option for pastels

(Please click the image to enlarge, from left: UArt Sand Paper (400 grid), Pastel board and Velour paper)

Most of us get certain associations while talking about art and velvet surfaces. The Botanical Illustration Program had a weekend workshop on velvet surfaces where the artists explored how colored pencils work on UArt Sand Paper (400 grid), Pastel Board and Velour paper. All these surfaces are available in many different colors. 
 Velour surface certainly works perfectly with hairy, silky textures like the leaves of Stachys lanata. Colored pencil on Pastel Board and/or UArt is a nice alternative for the sometimes messy traditional pastel painting. Especially the Pastel Board can give an extremely detailed final result. See more photos in the BI-Facebook pr by clicking here.  

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