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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birds and Plants Belong Together

(watercolor by Karla Beatty)

When talking about plants we cannot forget the important roll of birds as pollinators, seed dispersers, and biological controllers. Birds have also been included in botanical illustrations for thousands of years, the probably oldest documentation of that has found in the  Chalcotithic pottery from Persia (ca 5000-3500 BCE) .
This fall we included two "bird" classes in our curriculum: Eggs and Nests in Watercolor and Feathers in Graphite (instructor for both courses was Karla Beatty). For both classes we borrowed the scientific material from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. A bird specialists from DMNS also gave a related presentation in the classroom for the students. Some of the student work is displayed in the BI-Facebook, please click here to view them.  
(graphite feathers of Susan Curnutte)

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jaylen watkins said...

This illustration with interesting pics. makes the blog worth reading over and over.

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